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Rush Lake Trek Nagar

Rush Lake is a high altitude lake located in Nagar ValleyGilgit-BaltistanPakistan near Rush Pari Peak. At 4,694 metres (15,400 ft), Rush is one of the highest alpine lakes in the world.[1] It is located about 15 km (9 mi) north of Miar Peak and Spantik (Golden Peak), which are in the Nagar Valley. It is the highest lake in Pakistan and 27th highest lake in the world.[2]

Rush Lake and Rush Peak is reached via Nagar and Hopar Valley via the Hopar Glacier (Bualtar Glacier) and Miar Glacier, which rises from Miar and Phuparash peaks. The trek to Rush Lake provides views of SpantikMalubitingMiar PeakPhuparash Peak and Ultar Sar.

Location: Nagar, Gilgit Baltistan

Duration:15 Days

Min Age:16

Max People:12

Arrive at Isb. International Airport

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